When you find a great
market, you build
multiple lines of business
to service the demand.

What we do

Marketing Strategy​
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Strategic Planning,: Marketplace Development

Wheels Up, ULTA Beauty, Kimberly Clark, AIMM, ANA, Dunkin' Donuts
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Marketing & sales strategies/programs that align brand positioning with multicultural market needs, values and beliefs.

McDonald’s, Ulta Beauty, Kimberly Clark, Dunkin’ Donuts, Kellogg’s, Gatorade, Guthy|Renker, Marriott, Aetna, New York Life, Universal Music Latin Entertainment (UMLE), A&E, CTCP
Educational Platforms and Programs
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Creation of educational modules on Multicultural and Inclusive markets, opportunities to help increase companies’ understanding and buy-in of the importance of these segments in corporate growth.

Partners are Kellogg’s, Kimberly Clark, Aetna and ULTA Beauty
Multicultural and Inclusive Internal and External Advisory Boards
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Development of Advisory Boards inclusive of women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, LGBTQ and People with Disabilities in order to vet company efforts/products..

Google, Nuvo TV, Aetna, Coca-Cola
Executive Coaching
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Advance the professional growth/needs of Multicultural and Diverse talent and help them understand the important role they play within their own organization.

Warner Bros. Pictures, Kellogg’s, Aetna, Kimberly-Clark, AARP
Talent Placement
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Executive search, analysis of human resources/organizational structure and composition to gauge readiness to implement and reflect a multicultural perspective.

AIMM, Dunkin’, Warner Bros. Pictures
Agency optimization
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Agency search consultancy, agency partner identification.

Amex, Dunkin’, Banner Health, SeaWorld
Brand Partnership: Sponsorships, Endorsements & Representation
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Recommendations and representation of event/talent sponsorships, celebrity/influencer endorsements, blue-chip media properties to help companies rise above the clutter.

AARP, Warnter Bros. Pictures, Ulta Beauty, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Guthy|Renker, Maná, UMLE, AT&T, Farmers, Gatorade, Warner Music Group, SeaWord, LBC

Brand Partnerships ♫



Since its inception, DMI has created strategic partnerships between companies and talent to help increase brand presence in the marketplace. We’ve helped put together some of the biggest endorsement deals in the industry and continue to work with our clients to help bring on board the best match for their brand.

 Together through stories and rhythms… through nostalgic moments and inspiring homages to family and loved ones. For companies, it’s a perfect way to reach this multicultural segment – both young and old through a universal language that helps bring people together while solidifying corporate brands in fans’ minds.

To date, DMI has solidified many partnerships including:


AT&T, Chivas, and Montejo

Nicky Jam


Marc Anthony


Bad Bunny


Jessie and Joy

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Sofía Reyes

Dunkin Dounts

Jasmine Villegas

SeaWorld and Warner Bros Pictures

Chiquinquirá Delgado


Maite Perroni


Adamaris Lopez


Omar Velasco
& Argelia Atilano
(Univision personalities)


Our work continues in this space and our success rate continues to grow as we understand how the attributes of a brand need to be paired closely with the right celebrity and programs.

Let’s make growth happen!