Alliance for Inclusive
and Multicultural Marketing.

One of the boldest industry reboots ever brought to the multicultural marketplace is here.

#SeeALL Timesquare Takeover September 23, 2019

Mission: To create a powerful movement that accurately depicts multicultural and inclusive segments in order to promote business growth.


• Developed and launched an algorithm called AIMM’s CIIM™ (Cultural Insights Impact Measure™), in partnership with NBC-U and AIMM member companies, a metric that identifies the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads and programming and how these have the potential to affect sales lift and Corporate ROI.

• Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing looks to create a blueprint for the evolution of multicultural and diverse-segment marketing.

• The Case for Change: Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing as a Business Imperative for Long-Term Growth.

• Going for Growth: Targeting Today’s Diverse Consumers. A modern Marketer’s Playbook.

• Making Total Market Mainstream

• Organizational Structure: How Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing Teams Can be Set up For Success.