Alliance for Inclusive
and Multicultural Marketing

One of the boldest industry reboots ever brought to the multicultural marketplace is here

#SeeALL Timesquare Takeover September 23, 2019

Mission: To be a powerful force prioritizing diverse consumers and advancing inclusive and multicultural marketing to achieve business growth and equity for all


Gilbert Dávila
Founder and CEO
DMI Consulting
Co-Founder, AIMM
Partner, CIIMatters

Lisette Arsuaga
Co-President and Co-CEO
DMI Consulting
Co-Founder, AIMM
Partner, CIIMatters


The Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing was established in 2016 with a clear-cut and passion-driven mission to help CMOs and their teams rise above the most pressing challenges blocking them from realizing their full multicultural market growth potential.

Corporate ROIs weren’t being maximized, while multicultural and inclusive segments were being minimized. Marketing executives needed an alliance they could depend on for resources and information that would allow them to better understand how to target multicultural and inclusive segments, so that they could --in turn-- make more informed decisions about their investments, priorities, and growth opportunities.


About CIIM™ CIIM™ (Cultural Insights Impact Measure™) is a new metric that identifies the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads and programming and how these have the potential to affect sales lift. Created in partnership with AIMM member companies, AIMM’s CIIM™ evaluates advertising creative in various categories. Scores attributed to creative and programming tested will be based on a 200 index, with the intent to gauge the extent in which culture may lift brand growth against an overall industry norm.


AIMM’s #SeeALL is an industry-wide movement to drive increased accurate representation of Multicultural and Inclusive segments in ads and programming by prioritizing the use of cultural insights in the content in order to connect with consumers at the heart, thus maximizing corporate growth.