Experts in Marketing
and Strategy- with an
emphasis on Multicultural
and Inclusive Segments.

A strategic firm that is inclusive of ALL segments that represent today’s face of America.

Why we exist

At DMI Consulting, we solve the most pressing challenges blocking clients from realizing their full market growth potential.

We provide deep multicultural and inclusive industry expertise, analytics and insights to help empower CMOs to accomplish their business growth goals in an increasingly diverse marketplace.

We make growth happen, NOW!

Managing Partners

Gilbert Davila

Chief Revenue Officer
Deep C-suite Access
Industry Thought Leader
25 yrs. @ Clients: P&G; Coca Cola; Sears; Disney
Board Member of the ANA – 5 yrs
Founder of ANA MC – Chair for last 20 yrs
Co-Founder of AIMM @ ANA

Lisette Arsuaga

Marketing Strategy
Agency optimization
MC Insights
Comms Planning
Award-Winning Campaigns for MC Consumer
Planned and Executed Industry Conferences
Co-Founder of AIMM @ ANA

Gilbert Dávila

President and CEO

Looking for leadership? For over twenty-five years, Gilbert Dávila has led some of America’s top companies in their general and multicultural marketing strategies and business development efforts. Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola USA, Sears, Roebuck and Company, and The Walt Disney Company have all consulted Gilbert Dávila for his comprehensive executive experience in every aspect of marketing, from brand management and strategic planning to sales promotions and CRM.

A Board Member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Founder/Chair of its Multicultural Committee, Gilbert is widely respected by corporate executives, industry leaders and ad agencies for his multicultural market knowledge. He has a proven track record of success in embedding a multicultural perspective into a corporation’s entire operation.

His years of corporate experience as a marketing executive have also provided him with experience in all media placement, advertising, and special events planning; he is highly-skilled in high-level sponsorship acquisition, contract negotiations, and both internal and external conflict resolution.

Lisette Arsuaga

Co-President an COO

Want to ensure you reach multicultural groups in a culturally relevant way? That’s the expertise Lisette Arsuaga brings to DMI’s clients. For over twenty years, Lisette has worked as a senior executive with corporations, agencies and non-profit-organizations that target Latinos and other multicultural groups. Her strategic planning, project development, and win/win partnerships consistently result in added visibility and incremental revenue her clients. Lisette has created campaigns in both Spanish and English on social issues affecting multicultural America and executed programs that effectively target both acculturated and non-acculturated Latinos.Throughout her career, Lisette has created strategic alliances with general and multicultural media companies, celebrities, corporations, faith based groups, and the arts, She has written, produced and directed award-winning ad campaigns for the multicultural market; and she has planned and executed conferences and galas for major corporations, agencies and foundations.


As a strong advocate for venture philanthropy, she has executed campaigns that have provided corporations a greater affinity with their targeted markets,while generating new revenue for non-profit groups and m/c communities.