Dunkin’ Donuts turned to DMI to build its Hispanic marketing plan, step-by-step.

Step One: Planning We began by laying a firm foundation: An annual plan for the Hispanic market, and a five-year strategic plan for the brand’s Hispanic efforts.

Our planning for Dunkin’ Donuts was steeped in research. We dove deep into qualitative/quantitative consumer research, developed competitive intelligence and analyzed the sales figures for all Hispanic-designated stores. We conducted agency assessments and in-market tour with field and HQ personnel. We made budget recommendations, and suggested ways to restructure the client organization to better integrate the Hispanic initiatives.

Our recommendations led to significant budget increases for both Hispanic market media and marketing. Dunkin’ Donuts also created educational platforms on multicultural for its employees, a commitment that’s helped embed a multicultural point of view throughout the entire organization.

Step Two: We then partnered with Dunkin Donuts to conduct an agency review in the U.S. Hispanic market and Colombia, while continuing our strategic role for Multicultural opportunities – including the Westward expansion. Our role expanded to help secure franchise owners in Mexico City as well, as the company’s national and international presence continues to increase.

Next Steps: We are continuing our strategic role, working hand in hand with the Multicultural Department, as well as marketing executives leading the efforts for digital, mobile, rewards program, geographic expansion, creative/promotional efforts, among many others on expanding the Multicultural efforts and investment in order to help increase the corporations’ bottom line. To date, results have been demonstrable and the internal commitment and resources are noticeably expanding, helping to lead Dunkin’ to a leadership position in the QSR category.